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Visible Speech Sound

The Universal English Spelling Code 

The Visible English Spelling Code helps those learning to read and spell HEAR the speech sounds and SEE the 'pictures' of the speech sounds. As patterns seekers, 'Code Mapping' is at the heart of the popular Speech Sound Pics (SSP) Approach - developed by a neurodivergent teachers, and now used across Australia
Show the Code!
You will need the SSP Spelling Piano app - Speech Sound Monster Screen

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NeuroReadies - Neurodivlergent  Individuals who love to read!
Speech Sound Monsters and Clouds

High frequency phoneme-grapheme correspondences are shown on the outside of the Spelling Clouds. 

For the purposes of my work I refer to 'irregular words' as those with one of more grapheme to phoneme correspondence that is not included in these 4 Code Levels (the commonly used graphemes) They are not all 'high frequency' words. Miss Emma 

Miss Emma - irregular words are great orthographic learning opportunities
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